Sunday Mornings


Ascension is a place for you to BELONG as you CHANGE, and CHANGE as you FOLLOW JESUS. That is central to who we are as a church. It doesn't matter if you're a first time guest, a regular attendee, or a committed member of our church family, you BELONG



Come as you are comfortable. Jeans and a T-shirt or "Sunday Best." It doesn't matter how you dress, we just want you to be with us and get to know Jesus with us.




When you arrive at the Barron Theater (313 S Main St. Pratt, KS 67124) for worship on Sunday, you will enter the lobby of this Historic Theater, and be greeted by a group of caring and loving people who want you to feel welcome. There are coffee and donuts for you to snack on before and during the service.


Do you have children? Would you want to drop them in our nursery area? If so, you will head to the upper theater. If you need help finding it, don't hesitate to ask. We are here to serve you. If you want your children in worship with you, have no fear! Kids are absolutely welcome in worship. We offer nursery care for those who desire that option.


Our worship service is what our Pastor likes to refer to as "Historically Rooted and Culturally Relevant". If you are a life-long Lutheran you will feel very comfortable in our service because we follow the flow of the Historic Liturgy. If you're not a life-long Lutheran, you will also feel comfortable because although we follow a Historic Order of Service, you won't be lost flipping through an unfamiliar hymnal. Everything is on the screen for you to follow along and or participate in the service as you feel comfortable. 


We begin our service with a brief time of announcements followed by a time of greeting. Our Pastor will say, "Take about 10-15 seconds to say hello to someone you didn't come to church with." If you're uncomfortable with this, don't feel the pressure to move around and meet and greet. Our loving people will come to you, to make sure you feel welcome.


After we greet, our first song will begin. When our time of singing has concluded, Pastor will make his way on stage and lead the congregation in a time of confessing our sin to God. After we have made our confession by following the order of service found on the screen, Pastor will proclaim to the congregation the forgiveness and grace we have received through Jesus' death on the cross and resurrection from the dead. 


We sing another song, hear from God's Word (the Bible), sing once more, then Pastor will share a message from God's Word. We will then confess our faith in God through the words of the Apostles or Nicene Creed, and pray.


After our time of prayer has concluded, Pastor teaches about the next part of our service, The Lord's Supper (AKA Holy Communion or Sacrament of the Altar). You will be asked to answer three questions in your heart concerning your belief about the gift we receive in The Lord's Supper. If you can answer yes to the three questions, you will be invited to come forward and receive the Lord's Supper.


If you are unsure about the questions, that is perfectly fine! You are welcome to come forward and receive a blessing or remain in your seat and enjoy the music. Our Pastor would love to spend some time discussing why we ask you to answer yes to the following questions before receiving the Supper in our church:


1. Do I recognize I am a sinner in need of God’s forgiveness and do I trust Him to give that forgiveness to me in this meal?

2. Do I believe that when I eat this meal that the body and blood of Jesus is really present with the bread and wine in a mysterious way that we cannot fully understand apart from faith?

3. Am I a baptized Christian who desires to turn from any sin and live a life of faith?


Following the Lord's Supper we will have a brief moment of thanking God for His Gift to us, and close by singing the Doxology (Praise God from Whom all Blessings Flow).



Following our time of worship, there are opportunities to go deeper with groups of all ages. Our teens meet in the theater, elementary-age kids go upstairs, and adults meet around a table to discuss God's Word together.







Let us know if you're coming to visit!
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