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FUSION Youth Education

~ Kindergarten through 8th Grade ~

Wednesday evenings - 5–7 p.m.
(following Pratt USD 382 school calendar)


FUSION helps students learn about Jesus through hands-on, relevant Bible experiences to:

~ CONNECT with friends through music, recreation, and snacks;

~ GROW in faith through Bible lessons, object lesson videos, and  memory work; and  

~ SERVE others with crafts and service projects--and much, much more!


FUSION: Wednesday evenings, following the school calendar:
Gathering and light supper 
Opening Time and Music 

Class time
      K-6th - "Foundations of Faith"
                   (Teachers Christy Landis, Sarah Simon,

                   and Brenda Piester)
th - (Pastor Schultz)
Closing group activity and prayers


Students "Dig Into" the Foundations of Faith to develop an understanding of the Bible to learn "Who Is God?".
Snacks, Music, Bible Lesson, Prayer Time, Crafts, and Service Projects

7th-9th Grade:
Growing in Christ starts with knowing who He is, what He did,
and what He taught. These lessons will provide an in-depth look
at the life of Jesus.

Snacks, Music, Bible Lesson, Prayer Time, Service Projects


Jodi Drake, Director, at 620-546-3157 or

Brenda Piester at (620) 546-3964 or


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